The type of aluminium material is still the main choice in the territory of Indonesia due to climate and weather factors, because it has many benefits such as durable and not shrinking (stable against the weather); lightweight so that it is easily installed; guaranteed supplies and clear quality standards, termite free, weathered and mildew; and easy maintenance. As a client who likes natural wood motifs of course aluminium is not the right choice.

Through the development of increasingly advanced technology, a product with the latest innovations has been designed and created by PT. EXINERGY MITRA INOVASI with the name ALUVEEN, which can be the right choice for clients who want to have a decoration concept with natural wood appearance.

By using an aluminium base material that is given PUR adhesive to coat the Natural Wood Veneer, making your decoration look beautiful and beautiful and more classy.

Technology of profile wrapping
Profile Wrapping refers to the process of laminating a decorative film over the shape of a product e.g. an aluminium batten. These films can include real timber veneer.

Aluminium profiles are fed through a profile-wrapping machine that applies the veneer or foil onto the profile. The machine uses hundreds of forming rollers to wrap the aluminium profile with the veneer or foil.

Wrapping aluminium profiles in timber veneer is a proven technology in many European countries and has been used for decades. Aluveen are leading the way in this technology in Indonesia by introducing timber veneer and foil ranges to our propriety systems.

With this technology comes many benefits:

  1. The ability to leverage the reliability of the aluminum material such as: fireproof, no rust, no termite, no curved, stable, durable, light weight, while laminating it to replicate the look of natural wood from veneer, as only a thin layer of the desired material is wrapped around the substrate more visually appealing material.
  2. Bring down the total cost.
  3. More efficient use of the world’s natural resources— in the case of timber veneers, one cubic metre of a tree trunk can yield approximately 1000 square metres of veneer.
  4. Combined with our proprietary systems (eg. Concept Click) for easy design and installation.

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